Westview Forest


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The Cheapest Electric Bills You will EVER Pay!

We will bet that your electric bill in your chosen apartment at Westview Forest  will be the LOWEST electric bill you have ever paid.  There are three reasons for this.  

First, all of our roofs are brand-new and when the buildings were recently reroofed, an extra layer of insulation was put under the roof.  Therefore, our roofs have double the insulation of any other apartment complex.  

Second, all light fixtures in our apartments use fluorescent lightbulbs.  Although these lightbulbs cost us several times more than regular lightbulbs, 

Third, almost all of our appliance are EnergyStar models that are rated to save you electricity–and save you money!  And that’s exactly what they do!

Fourth, essentially all of the apartments at Westview Forest have brand-new high-efficiency 14-SEER are conditioners.that will save you tons of money year in and year out.

We know this sounds like marketing talk, but we can PROVE to you how cheap your electric bill will be at Westview Forest.  Please click the link below to see some actual July, 2020, electric bills that our actual studio residents paid this summer.